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Let’s reduce data capture time and cost & increase accuracy via Automated Data Capture System.It is an intelligent platform for capturing data from forms or converting documents into business-ready data in an organization. The output of the captured data can be set in several desired formats in any database.It helps organization to automatically process any volume of forms/documents from a single entry point.


Enterprise Document Capture

Ephesoft’s Smart Capture® Document Automation Product Suite enables businesses to automatically classify, sort and extract data from paper, fax and electronic documents.

Processing forms manually is an expensive and time consuming endeavor. We classify documents by content analysis, bar code or layout, and then extract data from structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents using OCR and ICR engines, Free Form Extraction and Fuzzy Database Matching.

Smart Capture® utilizes powerful algorithms to extract critical information from your physical and electronic documents, as well as helping you manage the exporting and importing of batch classes.


Principle Benefits of Enterprise Document Capture with Ephesoft

Innovative Technology     

A thin client architecture for Windows and Linux environments.Unlimited document identification, uncapped and priced per CPU core

Significant Cost Savings

Other systems have complex pricing books that charge for individual functions, additional languages and page processing tiers. Ephesoft Enterprise provides all functionality in a simple price per CPU model that is often dramatically lower than price per piece alternatives.

Easy Integration

Ephesoft is the only document capture and extraction system to employ RESTful APIs, which make ERP, CRM, document management and other back office and personal productivity programs document capture enabled.


Enterprise Resources

Learn how Ephesoft Enterprise’s intelligent document classification and data extraction capabilities enable custom solutions that can identify and extract information from your documents. With Version 4.0 you’ll see faster performance, more accurate results and a greatly reduced time to implementation.




Key Technology Features of Ephesoft Enterprise

  • Advanced Reporting – Detailed reporting and metrics on the performance of your system to prevent bottlenecks and fine tune the capture process. Learn more about the Advanced Reporting capabilities of Enterprise.
  • Powerful Recognition Engine – Includes the Tesseract open source OCR engine, and OpenText Recostar 5.0 Professional for both Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Flexible Scanning Options – Use our web based scanning module to import network files or integrate with your current capture product such as Kofax, EMC, IBM and others
  • Image Cleanup Features – Image cleanup drastically improves OCR results. These includes scanner lines, speckles, shading, punch holes and many more!
  • Barcode Support – We support both 1D and 2D barcodes
  • High Performance Scalability – Includes easy clustering and high-availability extensions to support large scale, multi-server employments

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