There are many organizations who manages the documents manually. Statistics says approximately 30% time of a day is spent searching for documents and 15% of all documents are misplaced.

Organization eventually loses efficiency as they grow larger. They miss opportunity just because they can’t identify them or they can’t respond quickly to the audience.

Let’s reduce your document retrieval time and cost via Electronic Document Management System.

What actually represents a potential competitive advantage; it’s the documents you own, the documents you possess and the documents you have created for which you have spent a lot of money and time. But that competitive advantage may turn into your weakness if you can’t access it the moment you need it the most or if you can’t protect it from fabrication or misplace.



To easily manage, share, collaborate and for a quick retrieval, a document management software lets you scan, capture, process and store your documents to a safe & secure central repository.

A document management system improves your document driven business processes and further increase efficiency & productivity through advance features, workflows and web access.




The solution supports document capture via scanner or import from file folders, supports drag & drop.

Classify & Index

Allows to upload documents in customized vault along with certain Meta Data and Keywords for quick search and retrieval. For pin point search and retrieval the solution offers document classification/categorization. It allows organizations to make it simple to find important documents from hours to seconds.

Search & Retrieve 

Easily and instantly find the right documents when you need it, through general & advanced search. Search based on metadata i.e. ID, Name, Date, Mobile & NID number or even Full Text.

Version Control

Get the right version of documents all the times. This feature always ensures your access to the latest version of a document. Know what’s modified, who the modifier was and the modification time.

User Roll & Access Rights

Maintaining the confidentiality of a document became very easy with this feature. You can set the user rolls and privileges for the entire document library or a particular document. You can design it the way your organization best fit in.

Audit Trails

Made it transparent & simple to identify “who” did “what” and exactly “when” within the system.


Improves efficiency & stops repetition in operation by automating document-centric processes. It’s easy to design your processes to route and manage documents the way you want. You can also track the status of a process in the current workflow.

And Many More