EphesoftWhat Does Ephesoft Do?

Ephesoft’s Smart Capture™ adds value to your documents by automatically capturing content vital to your business. Processing forms manually is an expensive and time consuming endeavor. Smart Capture™ utilizes powerful algorithms to extract critical information from your physical and electronic documents. From scanned forms to faxes to PDFs, emails and attachments, our software dives in and grabs the key information you need.

Smart Capture™ is an excellent addition to Kofax, IBM/Datacap, Captiva, and Kodak legacy capture systems used to scan documents and potentially perform basic barcode separation.  It works with various types of existing scan clients to bring additional worth to an install; there is no need to replace existing scan stations and disrupt a workflow process. Use Smart Capture™ to enhance your current capture platform with additional functionality and minimal disruption!

Smart Capture™ enhances value to documents in numerous ways:

  • Smart Capture™ can quickly identify the type of document using advanced classification technologies. The ability to identify the document type is beneficial in determining ‘what to do with it’ and ‘in what repository it should go into.’
  • After the document type is properly identified, the advanced software extracts printed information and converts it to ASCII text. The data can then be extracted from anywhere on the page and in variable moving locations.
  • Once the document and data are identified on the document, it can be compared to existing data in a database. In addition, it can be used to match records or collect additional information while expanding a business workflow and/or process.

Organizations can gain many advantages by using Smart Capture™:

  • Reduced labor: manually sorting, identifying documents, and manual data key entry
  • Reduce document ID and keying errors due to automation
  • Speed up the business process by identifying document types and information
  • Create an auditable business process that is less error prone and repeatable

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