Bangladesh is not very far from reaching the advancement in technology which the developed countries have already achieved. With government initiatives and peoples acceptance of new tech Bangladesh is advancing radically in technology. This progress has a huge impact on every business. It is very evident from the different kinds of automation which are being adopted in every business sector.

One very important and popular automation is document digitization and with it comes the necessity for document indexing and classification. Document indexing and classification is mandatory for physical record management but recommended for electronic record or document management. The better the indexing and business classification scheme the lower will be the retrieval time of documents and you will be able to perform pin point search.

You perceive your organizational functions differently than others. Your uniqueness is valued by us. Indexing is more effective when employee and management fully understands the classification of the documents they route within their organization. Hence you will be delivered a classification scheme fully tailored to your business needs. If you are not sure or not interested to build a customized indexing & classification scheme, you will be provided with experts who will guide you to establish standard business classification schemes with function, activity and transaction levels or more conventional schemes with department, group and category levels.

If you have deployed or planning to deploy CMS/DMS/RMS don’t hesitate to take our help to build or upgrade your indexing and classification schemes. Call us…… Now!!!