Smartphone Based

Are you collecting data on a paper based form even though you have a smart phone with you?  



We provide an out of the box solution for smart phone based data collection. Our solution helps  organizations to collect the data on a mobile device and send it to a server and then aggregate the collected data on a server and extract it in desired and useful formats.



Think about the benefits of the digital revolution, the information sharing and e- commerce. Till now most of the data collection is still paper-based, nevertheless many organizations are successfully using smart phones to collect data from the field. The smart phone based data collection carries a proven record that it is faster, reliable, accurate and in many cases, more economical than traditional paper based collection.

Smart phones are becoming a practical tool for data collection now a days, case studies show that the technology is useful for monitoring and evaluation, because of the advantages it has over the traditional data collection.


                          Higher Accuracy

In the conversion process (manual data entry from the form) there always are great mistakes like missing a filed data while the entry process or keying a wrong ID or even putting a wrong value in a field and so on, which can make you compromise the total quality of the project. On the contrary using a smartphone in this regard will surely allow us to put validation to get rid of those problems and thus ensures high quality data.

Complete Data

Regardless of accuracy the smart phone based data collection give us complete data

Real-Time Data Collection

One of the main problem we face we can’t see the condition of the data until we finish the entire collection and digitization. The solution allows us to see real time data, we can see what we have accomplished and what’s left in terms of target.

Change Management

Since the entire system is centralized, it’s very easy to adopt any change in the form.

GPS Information Tagging

It’s a great tool to know the latitude and longitude of a point. We can now easily know identify where exactly the household/outlet is situated.